Press Releases



PR "Swiss Voting System Freedom of Voting®" August 2, 2004

PR "Basler Zeitung Nr. 183" Newspaper article by Tobias Bossard, August 7, 2004

PR "Schweizer Wahlsystem soll Amerikaner vor erneutem Wahldebakel bewahren D-A-CH"  August 10, 2004

PR "Swiss Reliability In American Voting"  August 11, 2004

PR "The SwissVS Could Help to Increase Voter Confidentially in the Next General Election" August 12, 2004

Email "Nationwide election officials introduced to new Swiss voting System"  August 16, 2004

PR "Nationwide Election Officials Are Informed on Availability of Swiss Voting System® Report" August 16, 2004

Email "How do All Voters Know That General Elections in November will be Reliable and Comprehensible?"  August 19, 2004

PR "Fair and Democratic Presidential Election"  August 30, 2004

PR "English   Deutsch   Français   Español  Swiss Voting System"  swissinfo - switzerland's news and information platform

PR "United States Elections Better Than Ever" October 26, 2004

PR "Can U.S. Elections Be Decidedly Accurate, Cost Far Less, and Run Like Clockwork? SVS Report Says “Yes!”"  October 29, 2004