Fair and Democratic Presidential Election


Voters should know that when the Swiss Voting System Freedom of VotingTM (SwissVS ) is displayed in their polling station or on their mail-in ballot envelope, their freedom of voting is assured. This is because this symbol means that their district has achieved SwissVS compatibility. It honors the voterís rights. The voters will know that they have the freedom to choose their voting method, the right to information and the right of security by decentralization. These are the fundamental rights of voters that SwissVS assures with the attaining of its compatibility. The guidelines can be free downloaded from: www.swissvs.org.


Beginning in the Summer of 2004 election officials around the U.S. were introduced to this time tested solution that is based on the Swiss mail-in voting experience. In a report entitled the Swiss Voting System Report, a system of guidelines were presented that could be easily and inexpensively installed was highlighted to over 1500 U.S. election authorities. Because they are guidelines and not an entire voting system, they are also ready for implementation without having to wait years for certification. These guidelines are easy to follow steps detailing all procedures of voting from registration to ballot design to accurately publishing individual polling station results.


Though encouraging to begin implementation in time for the General Elections, the guidelines contained in the Swiss Voting System Freedom of VotingTM report are appropriate for all elections.


Swiss Voting System is a private company located in Basel, Switzerland. It's founder, Beat Fehr, began researching e-voting in 1999 and like many in the world, was astounded by the U.S. General Election of 2000. He didn't believe that a democratic nation should have such problems with its election system, and immediately gathered a team of political scientists and lawyers, amongst others, to work on a solution. The product of this intensive work is the Swiss Voting System Report.


For more information please visit www.SwissVS.org


Contact: Mr. Beat Fehr, Phone: +41-616-430-078, Beat.Fehr@SwissVS.org


SOURCE: Swiss Voting System