The "Swiss Voting System - Freedom of Voting" Could Help to Increase Voter Confidentially in the Next General Election


Basel Switzerland -- 08/12/2004 "The general acknowledgement of an election result is of central importance to a political system: The decisions made by the elected representatives of the people are generally accepted, but only under the premise that the ascertainment of the majority of the ratios of the election for parliament were actually correctly determined," says Beat Fehr.


Switzerland is known for its accuracy and reliability in both products and services, like Swiss-Watches, Swiss-Army Knives, Swiss-Chocolate and services from Swiss-Banks. Now, a new brand is born. The "Swiss Voting System - Freedom Of Voting™" could bring a reliable, comprehensible and accurate voting system to every polling station.


The product "SwissVS-Report," which is a must for every election official, consists of samples, guidelines, tables, and cost calculations. The SwissVS-Report shows how an electoral system could be 10 times cheaper. In easy to read texts and figures, the report explains all the processes of an election including; paper ballot design, vote tabulation, cost calculations, and proper transmission of election results. The guidelines are enriched with facts, figures, examples and facilities for implementing.


Polling places, State Boards Of Election Commissioners, Chief Election Officers and other persons responsible for election processes could comply with our standard. "Swiss Voting System - Freedom Of Voting™" will have millions of voters who say after the election, "I know my Vote counts!"


The company Swiss Voting System - A Privately Held Company AG is composed of members with numerous backgrounds; engineers, political science students, lawyers, international business specialists and programmers, form this dynamic multicultural team. "Swiss Voting System - Freedom of Voting™" hopes to reach nearly 50% of all United States counties with their report which will be presented to the market on August 16th 2004.


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