Basel, Switzerland -- 08/11/2004 -- With U.S. Election Day just three months away, public concern grows as vulnerabilities of electronic voting procedures become apparent. Billions of dollars are invested in new voting equipment, yet the voters· trust in the election procedures has not recovered. Not all nations have this problem. The Swiss vote up to 5 times a year, and have therefore developed an efficient, trustworthy and comprehensible electoral system. Like many exceptional Swiss products (watches, army knives, chocolate) the Swiss voting system has stood the test of time. It is now made available to all voters and election officials interested in having a fair election.


High costs, security problems and voters· loss of confidence make the employment of electronic voting unjustifiable. Beat Fehr, CEO of Swiss Voting System - A Privately Held Company AG, has been interested in voting systems since 1999. He concludes: "With a loss of at least 6% of votes in a nation as large as the U.S. the use of electronic voting equipment can have major consequences on the outcome of an election. To help avoid losses we offer an alternative to e-voting, as well as guidelines and standards to improve voter·s participation and confidence".
"The Swiss system can be considered one of the most democratic, accurate and comprehensible voting systems. Due to its frequent use we have developed a simple, cost effective procedure, which costs about ten times less per voter than the average U.S-procedure." says Fehr.
"The Swiss Voting System Report is a set of guidelines that polling stations may or may not comply with. It will be presented to the market on August 16th 2004. If a polling station complies with our standards the polling station is allowed to use the "Swiss Voting System - Freedom of Voting™" symbol. Wherever this symbol is present, voters can be assured that their vote will be accurately counted, processed, and reflected in the final election results." The voter knows: My Vote Counts.


Swiss Voting System - A Privately Held Company AG was founded this year to promote reliable, comprehensible and accurate voting procedures. The dynamic multicultural team includes engineers, political science students, lawyers, international business specialists and programmers. For more information please visit



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