United States elections better than ever


"In Florida, Early Voting means an Early Return to Problems" (New York Times)

"Ballots at Risk: Why voters should be wary" (Scripps Howard News Service)

"String of Electoral Storms Bear Down on Florida" (Washington Post)

"Scarcity of poll workers persists" (USA Today)

"Storm Clouds Gathering Over Legitimacy of the Election" (EarthAngelsNtwk)

"Millions of Voters to be Disenfranchised on November 2nd" (Andrew Kirshenbaum)

A breakthrough year for US elections, American citizens have started to think twice, before expressing their constitutional voting rights, questioning the current electoral system. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of lawyers begin to identify opportunities for legal actions.

By the end of the 2004 elections, voters will "hope" that their votes will be counted in a fair and accurate manner, after enduring hours of cues and being challenged by election officials. How can the United States of America have such difficulties in finding an appropriate voting system to elect their president? Isn't voting a demonstration of organization, freedom and democracy?

Many believe that the Congress should develop and implement a uniform voting system, where all states would follow simple and effective procedures and have legitimate, unquestionable results. Lack of uniformity in registration rules, provisional balloting, high incidence in voter suppression and fraud should not be acceptable.

How shall the Congress reinvent the wheel? Swiss Voting System - Freedom of Voting has developed a voting system which could potentially elevate US elections to First World standards. Guidelines and further information can be found under www. Swissvs.org.

For more information please contact Beat Fehr, or visit the Swiss Voting Systems Freedom of Voting® website at www.swissvs.org.

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