Swiss Voting System – Freedom of Voting, 02. August 2004


"Swiss Voting System – Freedom of Voting" is a privately held company based in Basel, Switzerland. Since 1999, when Beat Fehr was faced with the challenge of developing a full-proof e-voting system, his interest and research on alternative voting systems has increased.


Swiss Voting System – Freedom of Voting strongly believes that despite the fact of increased discussions surrounding e-voting, the extremely high costs, logistics and loss of confidence from voters associated with it are unjustifiable. "Loss of at least 6% of votes in a nation as large as the U.S. could reflect a large deviation on voting results. We therefore offer an alternative to e-voting, as well as guidelines and standards to improve voter’s participation and confidence" says Fehr.


"U.S. officials were considering having United Nations representatives at polling stations to monitor and audit the 2004 presidential elections. I then decided to form a team to evaluate the viability of having a third party company to enforce freedom of voting…" says CEO and Chairman of the Board Beat Fehr. He continues: "the Swiss System can be considered one of the most democratic, accurate and most importantly, comprehensible to the entire population. We therefore developed an extremely simple, cost effective product, which ensures that the Freedom of Choice can be found at each polling station; this is a set of guidelines that polling stations may or may not comply with. We would like to have our brand recognized as a Freedom of Voting symbol, so whenever present, voters can be assured that their vote will be accurately counted, processed, and reflected in the final election results."


The company is composed of members with numerous backgrounds; engineers, political science students, lawyers, international business specialists and programmers form this dynamic multicultural team. Swiss Voting System – Freedom of Voting hopes to reach nearly 50% of all United States counties with their report which will be presented to the market on August 9th 2004. For more information please visit