Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is Swiss Voting System AG?

        Swiss Voting System – A Privately Held Company AG is a non-partisan company based in Basel,
     Switzerland and was founded in August 2004. We are composed of members with numerous
     backgrounds; engineers, political science students, lawyers, international business specialists and
     programmers, form this dynamic multicultural team.

2. What is Swiss Voting System AG offering?

      - The Swiss Voting System® Report
      - Consultancy for optimizing voting procedures
      - Swiss Voting System® Logo Compliance

3. Whom is the Swiss Voting System® Report suitable?

        The Swiss Voting System® report is suitable to all individuals who are strongly involved in all areas of
     voting and election matters.

4. How much does the report cost?

        The Report is now available at a price of only $490, including shipping and handling.

5. How do I know what the report consists of?

         In our 'Download' section you will find a Short Form of our Swiss Voting System® report. It contains an
      extensive amount of information, giving you an overall feeling of the product.

6. Where can I order the Swiss Voting System - Freedom of Voting® Report ?

        You can use our order form to get more informations, or you can contact us
     by e-mail: or by phone +41 61 643 00 78

7. How can I achieve the "Swiss Voting System - Freedom of Voting® Compliance" ?

        To achieve the compliance, you have to fulfill different requirements and implement processes according
     to the guidelines in the Swiss Voting System - Freedom of Voting® Report. For detailed information
     contact our audit representative.