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Switzerland is known for its accuracy and reliability in both products and services. Among these products and services, chocolate, cheese, watches and army-knives are recognized worldwide for their quality and durability. Banking services and processes are also recognized for their excellence. Another service and process which is highly accepted by the Swiss population, is the Swiss Voting System.

So why shouldn't such a good be exported?


Although the voting system and the number of voters per polling station in Switzerland is similar to the U.S.A., the Swiss voters have a clear advantage. Because of the simplicity of the paper ballot system in Switzerland:

Not many people like change. This is especially true in regard to changes in voting like the change from mostly voting at the polling station to mostly voting-by-mail. In Switzerland, the same problem arose 20 years ago, when we changed our system from polling station based to mail based. But if you look now, about 60 % of the rural community votes by mail, and the difference is even larger in the cities. There 92 % to 96 % of eligible voters now vote by mail. If the government switched back to polling station based voting now, the voter turnout rate would probably decrease dramatically to a turnout rate of 20 % or less.

There are hundreds of different voting systems all over the world. In order to decide on the best voting system, the voters’ satisfaction is the ultimate measure. The Swiss certainly have made their choice and they absolutely agree with the Director of Elections for Washington State when he said about Vote by mail: "The voters like it".



        Switzerland votes 3 to 6 times a year and has installed a very easy, reliable, and comprehensive voting system procedure. The SwissVS-Report shows the cost effectiveness and easiness of voting in Switzerland with examples, process descriptions, price calculations of whole elections, and many more descriptions. For example, the poll workers do not have to be trained in Switzerland. The election officials don’t need special training either. According to election budget statistics provided by Kevin Selley’s "My Vote Counts," the training and education of voters, poll workers and officials can take up 50% of an election budget.

        No one in Switzerland is discussing stolen ballots, robbing letter boxes, collecting voting leaflets or other voter fraud/manipulations of mail in voting.

        We from SwissVS think that the main point is that a voter has the choice between voting at a polling station or voting by mail. That means the government does not decide which practice is best for you. The voter is independent and should be able to choose for him/herself.

        The SwissVS report shows everything essential and necessary to the satisfaction of every voting citizen. The voter knows "My Vote Counts".

        The team of the SwissVS founders would like to name this comprehensible, reliable, efficient, and easy voting system "Swiss Voting System, Freedom of Voting". Like Swiss chocolate, Swiss watches, Swiss knives, there is a new export sensation: the Swiss Voting System.

        (find more information in the Swiss Voting System Report)


        Since 1999, when the founder of the company was faced with the challenge of developing a full-proof e-voting system, his interest and research on alternative voting systems has increased The company is now composed of members with numerous backgrounds; engineers, political science students, lawyers, international business specialists and programmers form this dynamic multicultural team. Swiss Voting System Freedom of Voting® is located in Basel, Switzerland, a city that is well known for its freedom. In the last 800 years more then 18 European peace treaties were signed in Basel.

        For WHOM is the Swiss Voting System Report?

The SwissVS report is for all persons who are strongly involved in all areas of voting and election matters, such as:

And all persons: